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Meet Amit, Smita Jatia, couple leading company that owns McDonald's India

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Westlife Foodworld, owner and operator of Mcdonald's, on Monday, designated Amit Jatia as the chairperson of the company with effect from today. Along with this, Smita Jatia will now be taking over as Vice Chairperson of the company. Earlier Amit Jatia was the vice chairperson of the Westlife Foodworld. 

Meet Amit, Smita Jatia, couple leading company that owns McDonald's India

"It has been a privilege for me to lead such a talented and dedicated team of professionals who have built a strong organization over the years. I am humbled by the trust that the Board of Directors has placed in me, and I am committed to serving the best interests of our shareholders, employees, customers, and communities,” said Amit Jatia. 

Meet Amit, Smita Jatia, couple leading company that owns McDonald's India

Amit played a key role in the establishment of McDonald's in India in 1996 and is largely considered the nation's pioneer of the QSR sector in India. He has since spent more than 26 years as a crucial component of the QSR industry. 

Meet Amit, Smita Jatia, couple leading company that owns McDonald's India

Under his direction, McDonald's India (West & South) increased its restaurant count to over 357, opened the McCafé speciality coffee chain, and grew itself to become a growing food technology firm.

Amit's responsibility now will be to lead Westlife Foodworld in maintaining a culture of innovation, cooperation, and excellence across all areas of its operations as it navigates the opportunities presented by the fast-shifting global business landscape.

Due to his family's majority ownership in Westlife Foodworld, the master franchisee for McDonald's in the quickly expanding markets of western and southern India, fast food mogul Amit Jatia makes his debut on the rich list. Additionally, the B.L. Jatia Group of the family has a stake in lubricants, real estate, and speciality chemicals. Amit graduated from Hamburger University in Oakwood, Illinois, with a degree in hamburgerology. 

Smita Jatia- Vice Chairperson of Westlife
With effect from today, Smita Jatia has been promoted to Vice Chairperson of the company. Smita, a seasoned businesswoman with more than 20 years of experience in the quick service restaurant sector, played a key role in the company's growth trajectory, the introduction of novel formats, and most crucially, the revival of the brand during and after COVID. 

She has played a key role in propelling McDonald's aggressive market expansion and turning it into one of the most adored brands in the nation.

She said, "I am honoured and excited to accept the position of Vice Chairperson of Westlife Foodworld."

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